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For Preschool-Grade 2 Readers by Garnett Tremain Bond
(Fiction) Animal Story
Jungle animals conspire to stop a tiger from laughing so much. In the process, the animals learn to value each other's differences. Preschool-Grade 2. Narrated by Garnett Tremain Bond. (0 hours, 10 minutes)

by Garnett Tremain Bond
(Fiction) Fantasy
An inventor loves to make people happy. He borrows the song of a wren to communicate his greatest ideal-love. Preschool-Grade 2. Narrated by Garnett Tremain Bond. Song written by Donald F. Marsh and performed by Phyllis Spahn. (0 hours, 20 minutes)

by Garnett Tremain Bond
(Fiction) Fantasy
The story of a good witch who safeguards the earth from pollution. Preschool-Grade 2. Narrated by Garnett Tremain Bond. Music performed by Dan and Denise Cotton. (0 hours, 15 minutes)

by Gwynn Olson
(Fiction) Realistic Fiction
Meet Gigi, a little girl who has worn contacts for most of her life. Through Gigi, learn how to properly insert contacts into one’s eyes and watch how she still lives an active, play-filled life. Includes helpful information for parents, written by a medical doctor. For Preschool-Grade 2. 2014. Narrated by Gabe Kramer. (0 hours, 9 minutes)

by Mick Szydlowski and Travis Bossard
(Fiction) Science Fiction | Animal Story
Oskar and Klaus are back with a new adventure—and this time they are traveling 150,000 miles away from home! After hearing that a mysterious asteroid will be passing near earth, the daring Oskar coaxes his reluctant buddy, Klaus, to volunteer for the mission. After becoming official astrocats, the duo—along with their new robot companion—blasts off to explore the alien world. Thrilling action fills every page as Oskar shows the universe that, although blind, he has the right stuff! UEB Braille. For Preschool-Grade 2. 2016. Narrated by Connie Healey. (0 hours, 21 minutes)

by Mick Szydlowski and Travis Bossard
(Fiction) Science Fiction | Animal Story
Oskar and Klaus, a feline odd couple, have shared their irresistible antics online with millions of people. Oskar, blind since birth, seeks out new adventures at every turn, while Klaus prefers to play it safe by lounging around the house. In their first tale, Oskar and Klaus go on a camping trip in the majestic Pacific Northwest. After a fur-raising campfire story, Oskar leads a reluctant Klaus on an unforgettable quest: the search for Bigfoot! Along the brave journey deep into the nighttime forest, they meet new friends and discover far more than they ever imagined. For Preschool-Grade 2. 2014. Narrated by Connie Healey. (0 hours, 19 minutes)
For Kindergarten-Grade 3 Readers by Rajean Luebs Shepherd
(Nonfiction) Nebraska Story | Counting Book
A counting book provides a way for young readers to explore the Cornhusker State. Beginning with western Nebraska's "1 majestic Chimney Rock," the numbers progress through other attractions, such as "4 ancient Indian petroglyphs," "7 black-tail prairie dogs," and "15 American flags...for veterans at Fort McPherson." Grades K-3. Narrated by Nathalie Freeman.

by Paul W. Rea
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Sports-Football
Rhyming story tells how a four-year-old Husker fan's sportsmanship turned him into the team mascot. For grades K-3. Narrated by Gabe Kramer. (0 hours, 10 minutes)

by Jean Craighead George
(Fiction) Realistic Fiction | Animal Story
After a girl in Texas saves his life by removing a plastic six-pack holder from his neck, Luck sets out with his parents on a long migration across North America all the way to Siberia where he was born. Along the way, they use their voices to produce a tracking signal to stay together as a family as they eventually join 500,000 other cranes. In Siberia, Luck chooses his own mate, with whom he dances and composes his own song. They then begin their long migration south. For grades K-3. Narrated by Nathalie Freeman. (0 hours, 12 minutes)
For Grades 2-4 Readers by Mary Elizabeth Anderson
(Nonfiction) Transportation | Geography
This book tells the story of the nation's first transcontinental highway that today is followed approximately by I-80. The colorful history of the highway includes the use of seedling miles, whereby developers sought local supporters to pay for segments of the highway through donations. Grades 2-4. Narrated by Margaret Polk.

by Tim Tingle
(Fiction) Historical Fiction | Native Indian Story | Slavery
Mississippi, before the Civil War. Martha, a Choctaw girl, makes friends with Little Mo, a slave boy on a plantation. She helps Little Mo and his family cross the river to freedom one night when his family is threatened. For grades 2-4. 2006. Narrated by Nancy Cheper. Produced by Oklahoma Regional Library. (0 hours, 27 minutes)

by Garnett Bond
(Nonfiction) Nebraska Story | Nature | Seasons
"Who says a pumpkin's always orange? Or maybe even yellow?" 'The Purple Pumpkin' reminds young readers that life itself is filled with miracles. Read by the author. For grades 2-4. 1999. Narrated by Garnett Bond. (0 hours, 12 minutes)

by Jeff Furrus
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Animal Story-Birds
Set in the Platte River Valley during spring migration, this fictional account tells of one sandhill crane's faithful search for his lost mate. In addition to telling a tender love story for children, this account teaches about these magnificent birds. For grades 2-4. Narrated by Gail Marik. (0 hours, 20 minutes)

by Tom Osborne with Jefferson Knapp
(Nonfiction) Nebraska Story | Self Help | Inspirational
Former Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach Tom Osborne offers advice for children on navigating tough moments in life and the importance of hard work. For grades 2-4. 2020. Narrated by Tom Hauder. (0 hours, 10 minutes)

by Rosekrans Hoffman
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Family Story
A neglected older brother plots to recapture his mother's attention in this original tale of sibling rivalry. For grades 2-4. 1991. Narrated by James Shelley (0 hours, 13 minutes)
For Grades 3-6 Readers by Patricia Hermes
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Historical Fiction | Western-Pioneer Story
In the 1850s, after moving from St. Joseph to a sod house on the Nebraska Prairie, twelve-year-old Abbie struggles to adapt to her new life. While her father is away earning money to buy land, Abbie's baby brother dies from cholera and her family help Abbie discover the faith and strength to survive their hardships. Grades 3-6. Narrated by Nathalie Freeman.

by Vera Saban
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Historical Fiction | Western-Pioneer Story
Nebraska prairie. 1915. Jennie, a ten-year-old girl, lives on a tenant farm with her family. Though she, her sister, and her brother have little money, they live an exciting life that includes school, Sunday school, the county fair, and even a circus. For grades 3 to 6. Narrated by Gail Barnard. (5 hours, 45 minutes)

by Jay P. Slagle
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Realistic Fiction | Humor Fiction
Best friends Jack and Noah are facing what promises to be a long boring summer. They decide that Jack needs the world's greatest birthday party, for which they will need to raise a lot of money. As fundraisers, they start a summer camp, staff a slushie stand, and try to sell glow-i-the-dark necklaces at the city's July 4th fireworks show. Along the way, a house is blown up; there are visits by police, firemen, and news reporters; and an elephant marches down the driveway. 2010. For grades 3 to 6. Narrated by Janene Sheldon. (5 hours, 7 minutes)
For Grades 4-7 Readers by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
(Fiction) Multicultural Story | Native Indian Story
Lori and Lana are two Lakota girls living in Rapid City, South Dakota. Growing up within an extended family of parents and grandparents, the two girls are almost like sisters. They form a friendship with Shoua, a Hmong girl from Laos who is new to their school. That friendship opens doors to understanding each other's culture. For grades 4 to 7. Narrated by Alice Timm. (2 hours, 41 minutes)

by N.L. Sharp
(Fiction) Realistic Fiction
On the morning of her 82nd birthday, Effie Armstrong picks up a photograph of her younger self and traces her image with her finger. Feeling depressed that she is no longer physically beautiful, she hides away in her house. The neighbor girl, Amanda, tries to lift her spirits. Finally, Effie finds new purpose for herself by volunteering at the local grade school. For grades 4-7. Narrated by Carolin Roehr.

by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
(Nonfiction) Biography
In order to bury his son, Standing Bear led his displaced people from Indian Territory back to their ancestral homeland in Nebraska, only to be arrested by the U.S. government. In an historic trial, Standing Bear argued successfully that he is a person with rights like any other American. For younger readers grades 4 to 7. Narrated by Gail Marik. (1 hour, 0 minutes)
For Grades 5-8 Readers by Mary Elizabeth Anderson
(Fiction) School Story
Gracie is having a tough time at middle school after her dad lost his job and the family had to move to a small house in a rundown section of town. The popular girls at school think Gracie's clothes, her hair, and Gracie herself are a joke, and even her former best friend ignores her. Gracie has to choose between joining the bullies and becoming a loyal friend to others who need her. For grades 5 to 8. 2008. Narrated by Nathalie Freeman. (2 hours, 30 minutes)

by Mary Elizabeth Anderson
(Nonfiction) Biography
In 1975, at the end of the Vietnam War, an eight-year-old orphan named Long is evacuated from Saigon's Holt Center during Operation Babylift. An adoptive family in Ohio receives him with open arms and changes his name to Matt Steiner. Eventually Matt graduates from college and then medical school and becomes an emergency room physician. Years later, he revisits Vietnam and remembers his American heart is half Vietnamese. For grades 5-8. Narrated by Dennis Lorance.

by Ivy Ruckman
(Fiction) Mystery
After Andrea and her bunkmate Katy feel bullied by the other campers at Camp Shagbark, they make a foggy, late-night escape by stealing a rowboat in order to row the six miles downstream toward home. When they overhear two men in a powerboat speak of dumping bodies, the two girls think they have witnessed a murder. Since they are missing from camp, their miscellaneous tip to police makes everyone believe they have been murdered. For grades 5 to 8. Narrated by Karen Boyer. (4 hours, 0 minutes)
For Grades 6-9 Readers by Melody Herr
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Historical Fiction | Native Indian Story
May 1939. Ben and David, two teenagers living in western Nebraska during the dustbowl, spend their summer as archaeologists unearthing the story of the Great Plains peoples. Bones, caves, arrowheads, and buried cities provide clues concerning Nebraska's history, from the days of the Ice Age hunters through the end of the Indian Wars. For grades 6-9. Narrated by Joann Herrington. (2 hours, 50 minutes)

by Scott E. Miller
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Historical Fiction | Western-Pioneer Story
Based on true events from the 1880s, the McKay family settle on the Nebraska prairie. They diligently work through the difficulties that arise the first year of living on their homestead along the Niobrara River, including such trials as clearing out rattlesnakes, planting crops, buying supplies, building a cabin, making it through the winter, and preparing for a new baby. For grades 6-9. Narrated by Karen Boyer. (3 hours, 40 minutes)

by Scott E. Miller
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Historical Fiction | Western-Pioneer Story
Two years after beginning new lives as homesteaders on the Nebraska prairie, the McKay family now enjoys living among neighbors, as well as having a school and even a county fair in O'Neill. Claire's friendship with Caleb Clark, their neighbor's son, blossoms into romance. The community contends with a tornado and a swarm of hungry locusts. That fall, the McKay's announce plans to sell the farm and move to Stuart where they will manage a hotel, and Caleb begins university classes in Lincoln. Sequel to Prairie Whispers (RC 01086). For grades 6 to 9. Narrated by Marilee McPherson. (3 hours, 40 minutes)

by Elizabeth M. Rees
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Historical Fiction | Western-Pioneer Story
1871. New Bedford. Fifteen-year-old Caitlin's and her older sister, Rebecca's lives crash when their father and Rebecca's fiance die in a sea disaster. Responding to an ad for a mail-order-bride, Rebecca moves to Sweetgrass, Nebraska, bringing Caitlin along with her. When Caitlin meets Nate, the young settler who is Rebecca's husband to be, she senses a strong mutual attraction. Out of a sense of honor, Nate marries Rebecca and soon a baby is on the way; however, a tragedy offers a bitter-sweet possibility that Nate and Caitlin can be together after all. For junior high and senior high readers. Narrated by Nathalie Freeman and Elizabeth Avery. (3 hours, 45 minutes)

by P.J. Petersen and Ivy Ruckman
(Fiction) Realistic Fiction
This novel for young adults was written in actual emails between its two authors, who took on personas for a whole year. Sara, an army brat, wants to stay in one high school for a year and live like a normal person. Rob, an unwilling resident of an academy for troubled teens, feels distant from his father and his alcoholic mom. Two lonely outsiders, Sara and Rob meet on a web site for young poets and build a trusting relationship across cyberspace. There seems to be few prospects for ever meeting in person until an accident lands Sara in the hospital and Rob runs away in order to be with her. Some strong language. For grades 6 to 9. Narrated by Alice Timm.

by Charlotte Endorf and Sarah M. Endorf
(Nonfiction) Biography | History-The West
Personal stories of those who, as children, rode the Orphan Trains in order to be placed in foster homes. For grades 6 to 9. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt.

by Charlotte Endorf and Sarah M. Endorf
(Nonfiction) Biography | History-The West
More true-life stories of those who, as children, rode the Orphan Trains in order to be placed in foster homes. For grades 6 to 9. Narrated by Cherie Frederick.

by Tom Frye
(Fiction) Crime Fiction | Native Indian Story
Stag-Heart, a wild woodlands that is home to dangerous creatures, lies near a reservation in North Dakota. Dawn Red Feather, a young Lakota girl, traverses there against her elder's warnings, and witnesses the shooting of an FBI agent when a drug deal goes wrong. Dawn ends up passing evidence on to Ryan MacNeil, the son of a small-town sheriff. The only thing is, the evidence will clear a Lakota man who served ten years for the drunk driving accident that killed Ryan's mother. For junior and senior high readers. Narrated by Tamara Wellman. (8 hours, 45 minutes)

by Tom Frye
(Fiction) Nebraska Story | Crime Fiction | Adolescent Problem Novel
This third book in the chronicles of Reason Nelson finds Reason and his friends crossing paths with Boody Mary, an older woman falsely rumored to murder unwelcome trespassers in her woods north of Lincoln. Reason and his friends uncover a plot involving drug trafficking, stolen dogs, and even murder. Sequel to Scratchin' on the Eight Ball and The Kid, The Cop and the Con. Contains descriptions of violence and strong language. For junior and senior high readers. Narrated by Karen Boyes. (9 hours, 30 minutes)

by Kody James Connick
(Fiction) Adolescent Problem Novel | Animal Story-Dogs
A juvenile delinquent breaks into a home to steal valuables and ends up taking a pit bull puppy. As he encounters the bloody sport of dog fighting, he feels the urgent need to rescue abused dogs. In the process, the lives of dogs and his own life are forever changed. Contains descriptions of violence. For junior high and older readers. Narrated by Gail Barnard. (3 hours, 10 minutes)
For Grades 10-12 Readers by Donald R. Hickey, Susan A. Wunder, and John R. Wunder
(Nonfiction) Nebraska Story | History | Biography
Authors write about Nebraska places, events, personalities, and institutions, including the Oregon Trail, Forts Kearny and Robinson, the rise of Omaha, the celebrated architecture of the Capitol building, the world's largest area of sand dunes and of planted forest, the High Plains Aquifer, the establishment of Boys Town and Offutt Air Force Base, Gerald Ford-the first native Nebraskan president, the assassination of Malcolm X, the University of Nebraska five-time national championship football team, and the opening of the Kearney Arch over Interstate 80. Revised and expanded from the first edition. For high school and adult readers. Narrated by Helena Whitaker.
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