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Continuing Education and Training Grants 

CE Grant Applications are open!

Applications due: May 10th

Details about the grant, along with the application forms can be found in the links below.

The purpose of these Continuing Education and Training grants is to assist Nebraska libraries to improve the library services provided to their communities through continuing education and training for their library personnel and supporters. Successful applications will show how the continuing education and/or training proposed will support the library's mission.

Please note that if an entity, or a person working for that entity, has unresolved issues with any previous Commission grant projects, they will not be eligible to apply for a Continuing Education and Training Grant. 

This project is supported by state funding appropriated by the Nebraska legislature, granted and administered by the Nebraska Library Commission.

Grant Information (other conferences, events, and activities)

Previous Grant Recipients Database

For more information, contact Holli Duggan.